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Bertrand Berry, a 13 year NFL veteran, now hosts his radio show, Off The Edge with B-Train, on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.

Molly recently had the opportunity to sit down and discuss her treatment options with him. Press play to listen now!

The Cellular Physiology of Tissue Self-Repair by Micro-Current Technology
Article written by Jan Dacri and Molly Wells


Nimoy Triplet, NFL Consultant
As an NFL Consultant, our athletes/clients must be as healthy as possible year round to be able to give their best selves on the football field. This stellar program has increased our athletes recovery time when they are injured further that any other program or product I've seen. Also, what we really like about this program is the use of the biofeedback system where it gives us readings of all extremities and joints even when our players are healthy so we are aware of how to monitor their health and know what we need to assess to help strengthen them during the off season, and also throughout the season. Durability is everything in the NFL so 3 years ago we gave Ms. Wells' program a try on one of our NFL Rookies. Pro Football Focus named him the most durable player logging the most snaps than any other San Diego Charger player in their Rookie season. That's results!
- Nimoy Triplet, NFL Consultant
Eric Mays, Under Armour Baseball Marketing Manager
It's hard to describe exactly what Molly Wells has done in this game in such a limited amount of time. I can personally speak of her miraculously curing a lower back pain that I've had for years. In just three sessions with Molly, I haven't experienced any more pain. I couldn't be any more grateful for what she's done, and it has saved me from someday eventually having to have surgery, and missing out on valuable time with my children. I appreciate her. She's a game changer in this business.
- Eric Mays, Under Armour Baseball Marketing Manager

Cliff Floyd, former MLB player & current MLB Network Analyst
I think everyone needs to know about Molly Wells and her program. After years of playing I've dealt with some old injuries and chronic pain. After one session with Molly, I was shocked. I have to say that it truly makes a difference, and it's different than anything I was used to throughout my years of playing. Over the course of my career I was used to everyone trying to sell a dream, but I know from personal experience that these treatments work. I wish I had this when I was playing to help me recover and stay healthy. Every player who has had an injury, or is dealing with issues should use Molly. If you're skeptical, it only takes one session to prove itself. If I had it, I probably could have played for a couple of more years. This would help every MLB player, and every MLB organization needs to look into this. This is huge for baseball. Thank you Molly. I know you're going to be successful and I appreciate you.
- Cliff Floyd, former MLB player & current MLB Network Analyst
BJ Williams, former CFL player
I began working with Molly and her program during my college career. I stayed injury free through 4 years of starting at San Diego State. When I did get injured I came back quicker and stronger. I saw significant improvement with my pain, flexibility, stamina, and other aspects with my recovery. I would highly recommend Molly Wells and her program to anyone playing professionally, or in college to gain that extra needed edge.
- BJ Williams, former CFL player

CJ Beatty, "The Baseball Motivator" & Former Professional Baseball Player
Molly Wells is the definition of professionalism. She is a class act and a joy to be around. What she is doing in the game of baseball is ground breaking at all levels. She has developed a program that is specifically designed for player's needs. All teams should consult Molly Wells.
- CJ Beatty, "The Baseball Motivator" & Former Professional Baseball Player